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“Craft Your Own Magic Potion, an Aromatherapy Workshop” was born from my love of beautiful settings, rich aromas, innate creativity, igniting sparks around a table and nature’s healing power.

Debi Lily, the event planning genius, has provided a most beautiful, peaceful and chic setting at DLLoft.

Here’s the set-up:

I have curated a banquet table of single essential oils for our experimentation.
Everything will be supplied to facilitate the expression of your innate creative genius.
People have been communing and fellowshipping around a “table” since time began.  Our noses lead us as we gather around the banquet table and enjoy nature’s harvest of aromatic bliss.

Here’s how it works:

Prior to blending we will discuss the basics of craft blending essential oils for aromatic purposes but before we begin, I’ll walk you through the creation of a coaching tool called ‘The Emotional Landscape.’  Your Emotional Landscapes maps the connection between your Central Nervous System, heart vibrations, hormonal releases and your emotions.  It provides insight about how you can best support your emotional and physical wellness and stress management using heart centered breathing techniques based on your emotional map.

It’s helpful to tune into the wisdom on your emotional landscape prior to crafting your blend because it provides a map as you choose your oils for crafting aromatic alchemy.

Nature provides a most delectable banquet of oils that serve and support our health and we will sniff our way through the table with our emotional landscape in mind.

Here’s WHY it works:

Essential oils have been used since ancient times as healing agents for the body, mind and emotional wellness.

Nature is the original pharmacy in its purest form.

We are fortunate to have access and information about the plant world delivered to us through essential oils.  Essential oils operate on three levels, transdermal, aromatic and oral.

Essential oils have the following properties:  anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, tranquilizing, anti-fungal, digestive aide, anti-viral, anti-spasmodic, anti-parasitic, anti-depressant and mood booster, among others.

During the past ten to twenty years, essential oils have been in the process of being restored to their rightful place in the healing field in North America supported and researched by doctors like Dr. Gary Young of Young Living Oils,  Dr. Norm Shealy, a neurologist and creator of Living Bliss Oils and The Sacred Rings and Dr. Axe, a doctor of Functional Medicine who provides a wealth of information on medicinal essential oil uses through his website, ebooks and Social Media.

It’s time to reawaken ourselves to the healing power of nature through essential oils.  “Craft Your Own Magic Potion, an Aromatherapy Workshop” is a portal for this wisdom.  Join me at DL Loft Chicago for this informative workshop on essential oils.

The workshop is $35 and will be offered once a month through 2015.  Stay tuned for Summer dates.  To purchase tickets head to this link .

*I am a certified Living Bliss healer of the Sacred Rings
*There are many companies selling essential oils. I source the single oils used in the Capim Santo Alchemy Exotic Essential Oil blends from Rocky Mountain Organic Essential Oils.


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